Stories by Alon Edition 5 🌜

Alon Shina

Posted on November 01 2020

Stories by Alon Edition 5 🌜
To my new subscribers through my Facebook Campaigns welcome and thank you for your interest – many of you will be reading this in your second or third language! I hope you enjoy my modern storytelling. Thank you to all my loyal supporters for your continuous feedback that gives me inspiration during these uncertain times.  You can catch up on my previous stories on my blog here.

I have been designing and manufacturing jewellery from my stores in Cape Town since 2000 – and the past 4 years I have been travelling between Cape Town and Tel Aviv where I opened a small store opposite the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel. Sadly we had to close this store due to COVID 19, but we have been fortunate to meet our Israeli clients at our home in Tel Aviv.

Back to stories; 2000 was an exciting year – a double celebration – my second child Maya was born and I started trading outside the Blue Shed in Cape Town over weekends. I remember building my own cabinets plus one I found in a book store which I revamped and it is still my favourite cabinet today – it is my lucky charm.  My wife and sales staff can’t stand it! These days were my first experience of interacting with clients, what a great feeling to know that people loved my work! I remember my first sales – it was so satisfying.

I was lucky enough to get a store inside the market trading 7 days a week. It was challenging – I had to make the jewellery and sell the product to customers.  I had a tiny workbench – as a one man show I used to ask the store keeper next door to take care of my store while I rushed to work metal on my motorbike. Miraculously the pieces were completed the same day. I hired my first assistant, an Israeli traveller, who travelled through Africa on a motorbike. It helped to have someone from home – sharing my language and culture. I then returned to India after 6 years to follow one of my passions – stone hunting! This was a big success for me – a free spirit, although I had a store and a family, I felt so blessed being able to do what has become my life’s work and passion. It all came together and I felt great..
A year later I needed a bigger store and more staff.  I was so fortunate to be given a large space in the Craft Market where I could start my own workshop.  Eventually we had 6 jewellers!  Many of them graduates from the designs schools and universities of Cape Town.  I loved their fresh ideas. It was an awesome time, the jewellers who happen to be all women were so incredibly creative. My clients used to sit in our workshop for hours. The vibe was fantastic. We drank wine and coffee and many of them are still my friends today.
Its been 6 months since my Cape Town store has been temporarily closed and I really miss catching up with my loyal supporters. My work as a jewellery designer and stone hunter can’t be done over Zoom!  However, we have reopened our Cape Town this October 2020. With trade happening Thursday - Sunday at the Watershed. 

One love, Alon - 
P.S: If you have a gemstone that you would like to know more about, or design a piece together with me, I would be happy to work with you."

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