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I would really like to thank each and every one of you that has taken his or her time to stop by my shop in the Waterfront in Cape Town.  I may not have been able to personally thank you all.  Thank you for trusting me and my product.  I will always be thankful and appreciative.  

You helped me follow my passion that has grown stronger day by day for collecting all these beautiful coloured stones and turning them into unique and personal, handmade jewels. Now after 23 years I feel I am ready to  show and share my new designs on my online store. 

I will be free and happy to answer any enquiry if it is by email, phone or Skype. You will be able to discuss the piece and if it needs any adjustments or even create a whole new piece especially for you in our workshop, African Designs in Cape Town.

I have been supporting Trees for Africa since 2007 and if you order a piece you will be donating a tree.

I look forward to your feedback so I can keep improving.  Thank you for spending time here and I wish you fun shopping!  


Skype: shinalon