Founded in 2000 at the beginning a new millennium, the Alon Shina brand established itself as a design studio featuring old-world methods and craftsmanship unlike any of its contemporaries. Using the style and artistry of Asian and Middle Eastern jewellery techniques, many of the pieces are set in 18 or 22 carat gold and silver, with excellent quality, vibrant gemstones sourced ethically from all over the world. 

As a brand spilt between the African continent and the Middle East, with flagship stores in both Cape Town & Tel Aviv, the focus is on handcrafted kaleidoscope bespoke jewellery. These are heirloom pieces, ones to last you a lifetime and then pass onto your loved ones. 

  • The Cape Town flagship shop is based in the trendy, touristic district of the Waterfront, displaying our latest opulent collections and Tanzanite range. 

  • The Tel Aviv gallery-style concept store now showcases some of our most exceptional handmade jewellery as well as a collection of Israeli/South African Judaica and Coast & Koi designer shoes.