About me

During my travels, I have learned from various craftsmen and artisans around the world. Until today I visited several places around the world to learn from the best artists and stone collectors.  My passion for gems was born in 1993 on an island in Thailand "Ko Pha Ngan" where I met a group of hikers who dabbled in gems on the beach. I was immediately drawn to their colours and  the idea that one could travel and hunt stones.  From there I landed in India and arrived in Jaipur where I stayed for five months to study the world of stones and sought my first collection of beads and gems.
The next step was meeting with Liz who taught me for a year and the first steps of working in silver and gold. For me it was the perfect combination to work with metals and combine this with my gemstones. 
This is how my path to jewellery design began. I worked for years with the Jewish Museum, where they displayed my Jewish art or Judaica that I am connected to.

In 2000 I opened the first store in Cape Town that exists to this day. I have won many awards and represented the country in many exhibitions around the world.
I have created jewellery for many actors. Among them: Matt Damon, Clint Eastwood, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and more ...

My pieces are unique, each piece of jewellery gets a personal touch and there is only one of a kind. I create heirloom pieces, to last you a lifetime and then pass onto your loved ones.  The work begins with a stone and from there the jewel is built. The price is determined by the quality of the stone.  I use the highest qualities of  gems, and then the work and the quality of the gold.  Most of the work is done in 22 Karat gold as it show cases the gemstones.  I love to co create pieces with my clients. Many of my clients bring me heirloom pieces which they wish to remodel.

I have been designing and manufacturing thousands of pieces of jewellery for the past 27 years.  I am fortunate and grateful to work with my passion.  Designing jewellery and hunting stones!.
Please feel free to contact me - best is via whatsapp +27823737229  or email if you would like me to design a bespoke piece of jewellery or just have a chat about design and gemstones.

 These are heirloom pieces, ones to last you a lifetime and then pass onto your loved ones. 

  • The  shop is based in the trendy, touristic district of the
    Watershed, Waterfront, displaying.