Stories by Alon - Edition 2

Alon Shina

Posted on June 24 2020

Stories by Alon - Edition 2

People make brands not only products and so many pieces and inspiration around our collections have incredible background narratives. Carrying on from last month where Alon first discovered his interest for stones in the Far East…

After my 2 years of blissful travelling, exploring and collecting gems in India, Thailand and Japan where my passion for gems was ignited, I ended back home in Israel. But not for long, my passion for travel and discovery of new places meant I was off again and headed for Cape Town in 1994.

I remember my first day in Cape Town I walked the Sea Point promenade and saw whales! A few weeks into my travels I met my Toni, with whom I have spent the past 25 years together. Lucky for me she also has a deep love for travelling and eye for beautiful designs, in particular fabric.

I lived in Cape Town on a tourist visa for 7 years! During this time I had the fortune of meeting my first inspiring teacher Liz Dunstan - an incredible goldsmith who opened her studio for me.

My first pieces were using agates and silver, I loved to make crop circles and Judaica. I had the privilege of working with one of the most amazing engravers,Mr Reissman, he worked every day until he was 92! We managed to track down my inspiring teacher and get a few words from her about me in my youth! This is what she had to say:

“In 1998 after a local Capetonian jeweller Valkerie approached me asking if I was interested in training a young Israeli traveller, I met Alon. I immediately knew that this was a man with great passion and a yearning to learn the craft of Goldsmithing. His determination proved him to be a great student and co-worker. Alon soon developed a unique style reflecting a special energy by combining his love of semi and precious gem stones with precious metals. His love for colour and vibrancy was inspiring to me, and was reflected in all his handmade pieces. Alon’s love for travel and people demonstrated him to be an adventurous student. It was a great pleasure to meet Alon and develop a friendship with him. I have watched him grow into a successful Goldsmith and entrepreneur over many years since our lives took us in different directions.” - Liz Dunstan-Deacon

One love,
Alon -

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