Rainbow Moonstone & Tanzanite Necklace

Rainbow Moonstone & Tanzanite Necklace

$1,550.00 USD

Rainbow Moonstone 18 Karat Gold Beaded Necklace with a Rubellite Tourmaline and Tanzanite.  Strung with high quality silk for a secure fit. The Beads on this piece are hand cut making them more unique and precious.

Rainbow Moonstone is a semi precious stone part of the Feldspar family it is a translucent white stone,  breathtaking blue that reflects when on a dark background. This type of moonstone gets it character from the white inclusion that gives a picture of beautiful icy landscapes.

Tanzanite is made precious by being mined only in Tanzania and there being less and less reported . The beauty of its colour capture the eyes of everyone who has the love for jewels.

Rubellite Tourmaline has a reach Pinkish Red colour. As one of your more rare tourmaline it might not be officially named a precious stone but it’s beautiful and demand makes it one of the most valuable stones you may have in your collection.
Length 46cm.