Ndebele Gold & Silver Necklace

Ndebele Gold & Silver Necklace

R34,000 ZAR


A beautiful handmade and hand strung Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby Necklace

Designed and beaded by Alon himself. This creation was inspired by the African Ndebele tribe living in the North East of South Africa. The bead designs are geometric patterns similar to their house paintings.

The end clasp is filigreed sterling silver and has marquise Emeralds set in tubes. The chain at the back is so that this piece can be worn at different lengths.

This has 180 carats of faceted beads. The necklace is 56cm in length.
The necklace can be lengthened or shortened.
Rubies ,Emeralds and Sapphire are mined in Burma and India.

Valuation Certificate included.

With this purchase a donation will be made to My Period is Awesome

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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