How to check your ring size... 💍

Alon Shina

Posted on July 05 2020

How to check your ring size... 💍

Every wondered how to measure your ring size? There are a couple methods, and an easy-to-use chart to convert your size depending where you live. Enjoy our ring sizing tips below:

1. Use a piece of NON-STRETCHY string! Or wire or floss… wrap it around the desired finger specifically the widest part (just below the knuckle). Use a pen to make a mark, then unravel it and measure it with a ruler in millimetres.

2. In some parts of the world an alphabetical letter chart is used, often jewellers or jewellery shops have a Mandrel for you to use. You can also buy one of these online.

3. Search Mandrel or Multisizer to shop your own measuring tool. If you are an avid ring-purchaser (our kind of person!!) it might come in handy to have one at home.

4. Remember to measure you finger a few times, you hand will swell and contract depending on the tempreture.

5. Consider your knuckle, if your knuckles are large you will need to order your ring half a size up.

6. Being physically measured in store is your most accurate bet, but for online orders we hope this will be helpful!

The below chart from Fred and Far is a really good international measurement chart, as it shows all sizes. Most places only show from about H/ 15mm… so this all encompassing one is super helpful, especially if you are looking for midi rings or even a pinky ring.

And remember to check in with us via our websites live chat (bottom right corner). If we dont get back to you fast enough, leave your email addrress in the chat box. Or you can always contact us directly via email if you have any size queries or need one our our rings adjusted!

P.S: We are super excited that in just a few days you will be able to checkout in your own currency, making our worldwide clients feel right at home!

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