Gemstone feature: Peridot

Alon Shina

Posted on November 01 2020

Gemstone feature: Peridot

Interestingly enough Peridots originate from lava like diamonds (as opposed to the earths crust like other precious stones). There are also claims that Peridots come from meteorites - which makes this stones origins even more fascinating. Olivine, of which peridot is a type, is a common  mineral in mafic and ultramafic rocks, and it is often found in lavas and in peridotite xenoliths of the mantle, which lavas carry to the surface; but gem quality peridot only occurs in a fraction of these settings. 

Peridot olivine is mined in North Carolina, Arizona on the San Carlos Reservation, Hawaii,  Nevada, and New Mexico at Kilbourne Hole all in the US. High quality peridot was also recovered from anthills and in lamproite in the Leucite  Hills of Wyoming. As well as in Australia, Brazil, China, Kenya, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and  Tanzania.  

It’s green colouring and energetic properties make peridot a sought after stone. It attracts abundance, harmony and good luck. It supports the solar plexus chakra and is used to help clear mental blocks. So if you feeling stuck it might be time to open your heart to a new magical stone.

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P.S: If you have a peridot stone you would like set into a pendant, earrings or a ring chat to me via email so I can design your an heirloom piece to keep forever.

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